Digital networking

in the food industry

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Platform Solution

Digitally connecting the food business sector. The FB.D platform offers you – the supply chain (be it as a producer, trader or fabricator) – a digital solution for the communication between yourself and your suppliers. We can display your individual business processes in our cloud-based systems (computing centers based in Germany). Thus we aim to facilitate and optimize the collaboration between you and your suppliers in a safe, easy and efficient way.

  • Pricing


    Our Pricing Module enables handling individual price agreements between two…

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  • Contract Management

    Contract Management

    This module allows managing stock exchange positions from the leading clearing…

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  • Market Rates

    Market Rates

    With this module you gain access to all futures market quotations and thereby an…

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  • Price Calculator

    Price Calculator

    In connection with the Pricing Module the Price Calculator Module is…

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  • FAQ Builder

    FAQ Builder

    We offer you a very efficient module, with which you can easily and quickly…

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  • Messaging


    The communication on the plattform between the participants plays a crucial…

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  • Ports


    Ports play an important role when embedding our cloud-based platform solution in…

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The availability, reachability and security of the FB.D platform are the highest priorities for us. Besides ensuring the smooth operation of the platform we will always keep you posted on technical upgrades.

  • Cloud (SaaS)

    Cloud (SaaS)

    Our cloud-based platform solution is the basis for a high scalability and…

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  • Support


    Our focus is on providing and maintaining your customized platform solution. In…

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  • IT security

    IT security

    Compliance with high security standards and with the regulations such as the EU…

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  • FB.D User Community

    FB.D User Community

    Once a year we use the opportunity to exchange views with our customers.…

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  • Consulting & Project Management

    Consulting & Project Management

    Apart from our technological expertise we have all the relevant digital skills…

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  • Trainings


    Our platform solution is being developed further constantly. We want to take you…

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